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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rocfeller plaza. hello, everybody, it is winesday, wednesday, october 31st. would have been, under normal circumstances, a big halloween celebration here, but the east coast has just been through a massive, massive, devastating storm. and our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this, i don't know anyone who hasn't, hoda. hoda was covering it for "dateline" and we are lucky and
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blessed to have -- luck has nothing to do wii it. we are still blessed to have hoda still with us. >> i have covered a bunch of these storms. we were at this place called long beach at long island. that is me at the pier with a slicker on. that is a monday before -- oh, wow. >> high tide was coming. >> oh, wow. >> trying to show the transition of what was happening. this is my feeble attempt with my producer, rob, of crossing the street. i think it just got to a point where it was so windy and rain, really before it even -- >> you said at the end, you were like waist high. >> we ended up crossing over and walking the boardwalk, because we were get will swamped. long beach has the ocean on one side and the bay on the other. sandwiched in between. 600 feet of land. >> lots of little houses that have been there forever, right? >> a beautiful spot. but we ended up shooting there with some beautiful families, by the way, really great people.
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their homes were flooded out and they ended up, you know, some stayed with relatives, some ended up just riding through the storm. there was a guy in this house who had his elderly mom with him and his blind dog, believe it or not. amazing. we end up leaving there and we went to queens, breezy point. and i have to tell you, i have covered lots and lots of storms, the idea that your home is on fire while the area around you is swamped with water. there's so much water and you can't put the fire out. these guys, just so you know, by the -- after the flames burned out, this place looked like -- the fire chief of 30 years described it as berlin. >> 110 homes. >> 111. one guy said he was in the house, saw the flames, put one kid on the surf board, waist-deep water, pushed the kid on the surf board with the fire and the wind and the rest of it going. and it was just -- these
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families in that particular neighborhood of queens were so -- i was almost envious of just how beautiful they were with each other. it was one of those things, they lost everything and when you watch them, they felt so full. like there was something about these families. >> well, you know, puts everything into perspective. you may have lost all your stuff, but if you still have each other. >> yeah. >> and that's the way we all feel coming through this. >> and sometimes there's even a weird bit of levity. >> everybody needs a little. >> you guys have been tweeting us, tweets, make us laugh again. we're trying to. >> this is kind of dumb, i was interviewing this family, the guy was hoisting up two kids and talking to him about would he leave again and the kids, very ram bung tus, and i want to apologize to the 2-year-old, i didn't mean it. let's watch. >> really scary. we wish we had taken the warning seriously and had left. >> really? >> if i could do it all over again, i would have -- i would
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have left immediately. >> anyway, i felt terrible for that little boy. >> that was like me and the puppy. >> we didn't mean it. >> we didn't mean it. >> this little boy was okay. that family did just fine. >> thank you. >> is true. they were -- everybody was asked to evacuate, if you were low-like and on coastal regions and we have lived in our house almost 20 years and we are right on the water. and we have never left before because we were on a 20-foot cliff. and so, we have always felt like if we stayed, then we can be a beacon for anybody else and that's -- thank you lord that's exactly what happened. >> stayed with you? >> we went to all of our neighbors ahead of time and -- >> big old trees around. >> about five of them, well over 100 years old. went to every neighbor in our back, chestnut's been there probably 150 years. gone. but we went to every one of them said if you're staying, please know that you can stay here. so we have had -- we have really had a great time with our neighbors the last few days.
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we cooked ahead of time. we had spaghetti out the wazoo. i don't think there's a bottle of wine left in the wine cell cellar sell lab. we have a generator. you look around and see all darkness. >> there is a place to go they knew they could come to your house, that makes feel infinitely better. >> want you to be a beacon, you need an escape route, a safe haven. we all need that. >> the jersey shore -- a lot of people only know about the jersey shore, i hate to say it from the tv show and what they have seen, but if you look at the roller coaster people have ridden with their family for years and the boardwalk just a bunch of -- just trash. the rebuilding of these tiny businesses. >> yeah. >> if you think about all the folks there and all -- a lot of the people in manhattan, you can't get transport from point a to point b, people are busy trying to get to work, a lot of these businesses, you know, governor christie is on it i have to say.
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he is aggressive and on it. >> mayor bloomberg has been terrific, governor cuomo. >> yep. anyway, you just look at some of these pictures. it is like third world war or something. unbelievable. so we are -- power is out in many, many parts of the country, but we have been listening, our surrounding area. we have been listening to your tweets and things. >> lighten the load. >> we are going to try to do that tonight. >> not just going to be all about the storm today but we do need to let you all know that the luncheon that hoda and i were looking forward to seeing you again, the "scandalous" luncheon, gallagher's cancelled for today, trains not running in new york, subways aren't, airports closed. i guess jfk is open for very few flights. so we are going to -- canceled our matinee for today, have our show tonight, so, please, if you are able to get there even if it is not to our show, guys, i remember after 9/11, mayor giuliani at the time said if you want to do something to start the healing go to a broadway
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show, because they are gonna close if people don't come. if you're possibly able to get to a show today, tonight, tomorrow, this weekend, it would be so fabulous for all the businesses in midtown. if you're not facing life or death situation, you know, come on down, come see everybody on broadway. and they tried to do a little -- a bunch of singers dark yesterday on broadway, they got together down at the ticket place in times square and they -- >> sang a song. >> sang a little song everybody needed to hear. let's listen to that. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow so you got to hang on till tomorrow come what may ♪ ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away ♪ >> very nice. >> did you see the huge rainbows yesterday that came out? >> popping, baby. >> i mean, come on. came through this.
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and we want to send our love to phil hughes, one of our -- one of our security guys who lost his home out at rockaway. grateful just to get his three kids out. so, you know, just check on your neighbors, everybody, check on your neighbors, make sure that the elderly, too. make some casseroles for people. >> start cooking. >> be a good neighbor. >> we should point out, by the way, it is halloween. and typically we dress up, we we didn't today for obvious reasons. but there are people around the country enjoying themselves on this hallowe'en. and we want to give a shoutout to the seniors doing the monster mash in springfield, virginia. let's see what they have to show. ♪ i was looking in the lab when my eyes beheld an eerie sight my monster from a slab began to rise and suddenly to my surprise ♪ ♪ he did the mash the monster
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mash it was a graveyard smash ♪ ♪ he did the mash he did the monster mash ♪ >> those crazy octegenarians. >> here is hannah with her cinderella costume, on the way to the bus stop with her coat on. >> how precious. >> how about this one, this little baby dressed up as a pepper? okay. >> look at the cheeks. look at the cheeks on that pepper. >> here's one, taking a shower, from kay grant crumb. >> cute. >> she's got a cap on. >> a couple people decided to dress up as us. here is diane and alex. which one am i? >> maria menounos says me. >> green and joy lewis? >> look at them with their table --
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>> the whole bit. >> how about them? >> oh, my gosh. >> is that us? seriously, who are those people? we need substitutes. >> all right. well, thank you, everybody. okay, so, there's more going on than just us. if you're wondering what is going on behind the scenes in hollywood, we have the buzz. >> get your power drill. sara tries some extreme pumpkin carving. >> that can be dangerous. >> we'll be right back. 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avo foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating?
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and from "huffington post," we like to call him the naughty but nice columnist. >> good to see you. >> the celebs, of course, a lot of them like to voice their opinions. absolutely. >> human after all and they went through what we went through, there were some really great instances of people really pulling through. jimmy fallon, a friend of yours, a friend of the show, he put on his show on monday night, but he couldn't have an audience. nobody could get into town. >> letterman, too, right? >> so did his show without an audience. he made lots of fun of himself. that was little bit of comic relief we all needed and interestingly, one of jimmy's jokes tanked without an audience. how did he know? >> he made fun of it himself. he said you're the audience, you love it at home. it didn't work so well. >> could have shown an evergreen show. >> david letterman had denzel washington on. he said he wouldn't have turned up for anybody but dave. said he swam to the studio. a lot of tweets. >> twitter, we saw rosie o'donnell showed a picture of her backyard that now looks like a river that is -- >> a terrifying picture of a tree down.
2:19 am
and then a lot of celebrities, too, took to twitter whether on the west of the east coast to wish everybody well. >> the one lovely thing i get a million e-mails, press releases every day. monday i didn't get a single press release from a single celebrity promoting anything but this so it was a really good thing. >> so, moving on, jennifer aniston and justin -- >> are shopping. >> slow news day, out shopping for furniture. >> oh, stop it, hoda. >> we are happy for them. >> this is why this is a big story. >> why? >> he has moved pretty much into her life. now they are starting fresh. they bought a house together. they are not using her furniture, they are buying furniture together, which what people are saying this is going to be a good relationship. >> cute. >> very cute. they were looking at some big comfy chairs. earlier in the year they were seen buying a chandelier for $20,000. >> they can certainly afford it. >> the other thing is, if you remember way, way back when she
2:20 am
was first married to brad pitt, their styles were very different. >> oh, right. right. right. >> he liked real modern and she liked cozy malibu. >> cozy, look at the big leather comfy, cozy chairs, very happy together. >> so, robert pattinson is the face of dior. what? >> making $12 million. >> $12 million for a three-year deem. now, he is the face of the fragrance of dior. yes, indeed. there have been rumors in the past about his hygiene, but that did not affect dior. they are paying $12 million for this. >> brad so well that they think -- >> you would think. >> just going to be -- going to make commercials or just in -- >> makes commercials. he does wear dior on the carpet. his first big deal, however, we have to bring up the brad pitt fraying -- brad pitt ad for chanel. >> people struggling to put bread on their tables they hear money -- about money like that it's hard for people to stomach.
2:21 am
>> i got to be honest. >> remember these fragrances are big business. i read last year liz taylor made $70 million from her fragrance. >> white diamonds. the most important story, the octomom checked into rehab? >> nadia. >> did check into rehab. i spoke to her manager last night, she has got an addiction to xanax, she has been prescribed because of all the stress she has been under. the one thing about octomom, interviewed her many times, she really is quite a nervous young lady and thrust into this fame overnight and all the stress of what comes with this. >> but she made choices that put her there, rob. you know? >> the good choice and she is going to get well. >> who is taking care of her gazillion children? >> three nannies around the clock for the 14 kids and makes so much money on the x-rated video that she can afford now to have a nanny. >> any who. >> thank you, rob. >> maybe the world is coming to an end. thank you, rob. sara is going to take pumpkin carving to a whole new
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time for sara in your city. >> today, pumpkin carving has gone extreme and our own sarah has fun with this one. >> i went on a mission to carve pumpkins with power tools. i even got a chance to blow them up, smash them and light them on fire. let's just say, things got a little scary. right now, i'm at the detroit zoo, but not to see the animals. i'm pumpkin carving. extreme pumpkin carving. my teacher was tom nardone and he's been pulverizing pumpkins for 14 years. >> extreme pumpkin caring is getting from pumpkin to jack-o-lantern as quickly as easily as possible.
2:27 am
>> with his box full of power tools tom crafts the pumpkins into his own diabolical design. >> every year i try to come up with a new invention that destroys them in some evil way. >> are those your pumpkins? >> look at him a cute pumpkin carving. like the edward scissorhands of the grizzlies. >> if the bears could do it so could i. >> we're going to make a devil pumpkin. >> i sawed open my pumpkin, found lots of guts inside. mine has goop hanging out already. >> you can scoop out your goop with an ice cream scoop. but that's not very extreme. we have this. >> whoa. the super scooper. >> hit me. wait, am i doing it wrong? >> looks like you're doing a good job. guts are flying. >> finally it is time to do some carving. >> this is so fast. >> if you pull the trigger harder is moves quicker.
2:28 am
we are revving up. i'm making a demon. this is really easy to navigate. i might actually do home repairs after this experiment. >> you ready to make a real mess? >> i power drilled the finishing touches. this is an older demon who doesn't have his dentures in. a touch of parsnips and a pepper -- a scary demon. that scare you? >> no. >> what do you guys think of my pumpkin? >> the pepper is an amazing touch. >> she is still laughing. >> let's get ready to rumble. >> i recognize these pumpkins. >> you got hoda and i have got kathie lee and we are going to do a battle to the death here. time to smash them. >> i hate to ruin them. hoda is having a good hair day. >> three, two, one. >> higher. higher. >> three, two, one. ♪
2:29 am
>> yeah! >> hoda is the champ. >> hoda didn't even make a dent in her. >> kathie lee was too easy of a competitor for hoda. she whooped her in seconds. now we have her up against the one-minute man. >> three, two, one. ♪ >> oh! man. that was more like a one second. >> okay. didn't mess up your hair. on to the next wacky contraption that tom invented himself. >> we are going to carve a pumpkin in less than one second using this device. >> oh, my gosh this is like a horror film. do they let kids in the show? can i try it? >> yeah. >> you really have to thump hard. >> oh. and the grand finale, the flammable pumpkin. that's awesome. i have never lit a pumpkin on fire. but i did have one technique to
2:30 am
teach tom. now i will show you how i like to cut my pumpkin. >> what is it, pumpkin cheesecake? >> ding ding. >> extremely good. very cute. >> really wild. >> the best thing, he is a dad. and i said you're not doing this for the kids, you're just a grown up boy with toys. he admitted it. yep. >> really cool. thanks, sara. >> thank you. all righty. major trick or treaters earn their candy with a little who knew trivia. >> plus the one activity that lowers your blood pressure without raising your heart rate. >> and guess who's here? >> bobbie thomas, all kinds of fashion information we definitely need. 2@
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2:32 am
we are back with more halloween trivia winesday wednesday. how could today's topic be anything other than holiday related. klg is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to
2:33 am
hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, guess what they get, kathie lee's wonderful cd. here to help me out in the studio is billboard's editorial director, bill werty. you ready? >> i'm so ready. you look pumped. across the street to kath. >> look who is here, all the way from manchester, prince harry. this young man is celebrating his 21st birthday tomorrow. so welcome, welcome to america what movie is this line from? "red rum, red rum, red rum," nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, the shining or psycho? >> b. >> did he say b? you're wrong, maty. >> here you go. you get the wonderful kathie lee cd. >> he'll love that. >> the correct answer is "the shining." >> it is funny about this movie. it's aged well like a fine wednesday wine, but when it first came out it was not that well received.
2:34 am
stephen king did not speak kindly of the movie, roger ebert didn't review it. over the years, it has become a true classic. hard to believe, it's a great movie. sure is. back across the street to kathy. >> lovely young lady visiting from texas. finish the lyrics to the adams family theme song. ♪ they're creepy and they're cookie, mysterious and spooky ♪ >> you remember the adams family? >> no they are all -- >> a very big -- >> they're all together cookie. >> a lot of people say cooky but it is ookie. >> what is ookie? >> like cooky but an a lighter. the addams family is created for the cartoonist, who created them. people don't know this it was light weighed, started 15950 single-panel cartoons, half of which ran in "the new yorker." >> heavy stuff. >> back across to kathie lee.
2:35 am
>> this lady from arizona. what classic horror movie is this clip from? watch here? >> what is that from? >> the ring, the exorcist, the amitiville horror or the polterguist? >> the. >> the polterguist. >> yeah, i still chills with "they're here." >> this is from that one week of horror that cemented the legend of steven spielberg, one week apart, out came polterguist polterguist one of the top ten grossing movies of all time and "et." >> oh. >> yeah. >> very good info. back across to kath. >> looks like prince harry's little brother.
2:36 am
also from england. all right, honey, name this song, is it casper, scary, halloween haunt or monster mash? >> monster mash? >> yes! [ applause ] "the monster mash" a great song. >> number one song on the billboard hot 100 in october 1962. 50 years ago today. in fact, if i go to, we have an amazing story about the history of this song. >> we should point out bill is feverishly working to put out the billboard magazine despite the power outages in manhattan. >> moving services around with flashlights in our teeth. got to do it, though. >> back across to kath. >> lovely, lovely young ladies from colorado. the exorcist was filmed at washington, d.c. at what university? georgetown, george washington university, or american university? >> georgetown. >> how did you know that? >> i guessed. [ laughter ] >> and she's honest. so georgetown is the spot, huh? >> i think for that honesty she should get the prize and the kathie lee cd. this movie was nominated for ten
2:37 am
academy awards. a lot of horror films don't get that attention. mark freidkin directed, also directed "the french connection "so it had a real pedigree. >> thank you for coming to see us on this halloween. good luck getting your issues out. i know you will do it. up next, our girl, bobbie thomas is here to keep you ahead of the fashion curve. she will join me and klg right after this. ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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it is time for bfor bobbie' buzz. ways to spell out your style, literally. >> sure you can wear a t-shirt that boasts your team or a way to keep your style speaking.'s bobby thomas to fill us in. how are you? >> i'm great. i really just came across so many fun things that have a fun message. put pump your personality out of
2:42 am
this. rachel roy, we're a fan of her here, came up with bullying effort. i don't date bullies and bullying is never fashionable, great t-shirts. so a really fun way to support the cause. >> okay. >> we also have a t-shirt i want to show a picture of, you can literally walk in wearing your -- >> never late. >> we are early. >> you are always on time and i feel like you're 15 minutes early and i'm late. cute from print liberation and you can also make your own message tee with custom ink. this is so fun, i decided i wish i could but i'm already in my pajamas. you can do anything you want or make one up like this probably selling these as well. all really affordable ways to wear a pop of personality. now, i got a kick out of these. you have to read what this says. i love big books and i cannot lie.
2:43 am
and this is so funny this is the bag that i always forget to bring to the store. these are really funny, again, from different affordable ways to carry different purse. >> adorable. i love it. >> now, when it comes to the little ones, we have a lot of fun. this is an onesie that says "mommy is way more fun now that she can drink again. some great jewelry options that had fun quirkiness to them. these say stunning diamond necklace, wishless by i love blocks. and some really great jewelry online. there's one that says do not disturb and it's from hsn. it looks like a door hanger. you can wear that as a necklace.
2:44 am
and these are really great earrings for somebody who sells these for $10. she makes them. it says in one ear and out the other. >> very great. >> now, i know we love our wine around here, so come on down. these glasses are fun. we see them all the time, but this was a really funny thing. girls night is the original social networking site and so i just thought that was physical run and sc cellular that i love, alexandra ferguson, makes these pillows, call your mother go to the gym, be nice or leave, all these really great sayings. another way to express yourself at home, at the bottom of a heaping piece of cake is a big -- >> awful. terrible. >> this one they're called interventionware, says do you really need that second helping? >> cute. >> these may be your secret. and last but not least, if you have been online and see those really funny e-cards, some e-cards, you can bring these to life and they have coffee mugs, you can literally put whichever one you like, this one says, let's boost office morale by
2:45 am
going to drink and complain about office morale. and then last but not least this says "i'm outdoorsy in that i like drinking out on patios. there's a great -- >> something for everybody. >> bee love you, bobbie thomas. >> thank you, girl. all right, if you can -- >> what? if you just can't relax, something you can do to take the stress level down for poor hoda. you can do it today. >> that's right after this. s
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2:47 am
so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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[ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. is calming? yes, indeedy. another study this one by the american medical association says crafting produces a drop in heart rate and blood pressure which would mean danny is probably the most relaxed guy around here. >> we are about to join him. danny is the author of a new book called "upcycling celebration." how many books do you have? >> that's number ten. >> fancy, danny. >> all right.
2:50 am
what are we making? >> so, all of these upcycling sessions we've been doing, who knew the whole time i've been reducing your blood pressure. bringing zen to 30 rock. >> some sort of reaction. what are we doing today, danny boy? >> so it is halloween. you know, it is a nof it craft. if you are new to crafting, what the study found it lowers your blood pressure because it is a distraction, takes you away from what's going on in the world, focus on some things, you start with wine bottles. >> i like it so far. >> just use spray paint or craft paste. you just do a little one, two three. >> wow. >> i feel so calm. >> that's right. >> oh, no.
2:51 am
look at the eye. now i'm feeling anxiety. >> crying. crying. let's move on. what's next? >> even the bottle's sad to be here. so sewing is one of the things they found is meditative, it is difficult, really about repetitive action, over and over and over, like knitting this is one of those things really inexpensive, take a snip with the scissors, like this and this is just old bath towels, making an upcycled bath mat, how cool is that? you make the little strips. >> then you sew them. >> no you just -- >> pull them through? and tie them? >> make the knot. >> stop it, danny. >> that's easy. >> even hoda can do that. >> hoda, can you use scissors? >> so funny. >> all right. >> so calm and good. >> feel like i'm getting a massage right now.
2:52 am
>> now what, danny? >> here is a sharpie for you. a great thing. kids, great to craft with your kids, so much electronic stimulation, kids on the smartphone. once in a while you need to unplug and craft with them. what you can do is take containers, like milk containers, paint them a specific color and make a town out of these containers. >> or make a little -- we are having fun, leave us alone. this is a great one because really who doesn't -- they are buildings. >> oh, well, nobody told me. i wasn't listening. >> there's a whole city in front of you. >> oh. >> oh, look at that. >> look at mine. >> i started to make a nice little brownstone. >> do it with your kids, they just need a carton and some paint. >> exhausted. what's next? >> even in an office environment it's good to get distracted and do something. >> how about doing your job? >> your boss is gonna love this.
2:53 am
there is an idea, a concept. hurry up, got to go. >> this is a really fun one, it has a spa-like effect, make your own luminary, balloons filled with water. you dip it into a pot of hot wax over time. look what you get. >> that's cool. really cool. finally, something that saves the segment. good. >> thank you, danny. >> we love him. he's a sweetheart. congratulations on your tenth book, buddy. hope your house is okay when you get home, too. sara is back with a tour of some of new york's most hauntest haunts. >> wait until you see what she scares up. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:56 am
time for sara in the city, this time, a spirited trip downtown. >> hundreds of year, rumored sightings of ghosts around new york city. we wanted to see for ourself, so we sent sara. >> lucky me. that's right. from a haunted house to a wine cellar full of spirits. there's a laundry list of spots in this city that are said to be inhabited by another force, and i got to check some of them out. meet my haunted tour guide, dr. phil. no, not that dr. phil.
2:57 am
>> i'm dr. phil. i'm not a ghost. but i'm an expert on ghosts. >> our first stop is mcsorley's old ale house. who haunts this bar? >> harry houdini. >> the magician? >> the magician. >> the master illusionist, a regular at the bar while living, even left his handcuffs behind. he's said to be a cat lover in the after life. >> you see a cat on the bar, you know somebody was purring him and loving him. houdini. >> next i head to washington square park in search of more ghosts. i heard people were actually buried here in washington square park? >> yes, it goes back 100 years, 15, 20 bodies buried here. >> rumors has it that the spirits come out on halloween, searching for their missing body parts. feeling creeped out, i'm ready to leave. now we're off to the next haunted spot? >> boo. >> oh, gosh.
2:58 am
stop that. >> we make our way to deluco's wine cellar in search of more ghosts. reminds me of kathie lee and hoda. who supposedly haunts this? >> edgar allen poe, the master of the supernatural. >> the ghost of poe is said to drink wine from unopened bottles in this cellar. and dr. phil isn't the only one feeling a presence. >> late at night when you're in this room there is a feeling that you're not alone. there are ghosts that enjoy the spirits. spirits and spirits. >> the merchant house museum and dr. phil and i are going to see what we can scare up. >> let's go in. >> this house is reportedly haunted by an entire family. >> the claim to fame that they have the most ghosts. >> the resident ghost expert recounts stories of mysterious piano playing.
2:59 am
>> a couple sitting in the garden say we heard music drifting from the parlor, wonderful that you still use the family piano. >> the real irony of the story, at the time, the piano was in disrepair and could not be played at all. >> oh, that's good. we make our way upstairs. >> this is the most haunted room. people have seen things in this room, things from balls of of energy moving across the floor, flashes of light and photographs. >> house filled with strange sounds and shadows, even i was spooked. [ screaming ] no joke. it was a rubber rat that scared me before and i -- [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> oh, let's go and do some crafts. all right. >> let's go do some calming crafts, sara. tomorrow, ambush makeover. >> real housewives of atlanta.


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